When sustainable funding, trust and reputation are increasingly under the spotlight, the need to prove your impact has never been more important,

We can help you find pragmatic and straightforward ways to measure and report your impact, building trust with beneficiaries, stakeholders and funders and linking your impact to your purpose. 


“Matt and his team are a joy to work with. In the past year they have helped us articulate our vision and truly understand the impact of our work for our beneficiaries.
With the wonderful ability to engage and provoke thinking at every level we would highly recommend him for any organisation looking to start a journey towards impact measurement.” 

Emma Atkins, Director of Coaching, UK Coaching


Led by our founder Matt Stevenson-Dodd (former CEO of Street League), the Trust Impact team have been selected to help you measure the right things, understand your data and visualise your impact in clear and transparent ways.



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