Why Prove Your Impact?

  1. Improve strategy and resource allocation

  2. Attract the best people and improve retention through clear evidence of the difference being made

  3. Create a strong evidence base for influencing policy, lobbying stakeholders and earning trust from the public 

  4. Unlock more funding and improve your ‘win rate’ by being clearer about what difference you make

  5. Increase support from the private sector who want to help create and demonstrate real social impact rather than traditional philanthropy

Here's how Trust Impact can help you - 


Impact Review

Trust Impact will review your impact measurement and reporting, looking at whether your impact measurement aligns with the purpose of your organisation, whether you have the right systems and how you are reporting your impact.


We will advise on where the gaps are and how you can address these in a pragmatic and straightforward way. 

Impact Strategy

Following the review stage, our team will be happy to help you implement our  recommendations, linking impact measurement to your strategy.  

We can help with Theory of Change, Measurement Systems and helping you improving the quality of your data.



Analysing Your Impact

Working with Data Scientists we can help you analyse your data to help you to understand when you are creating impact and when you aren't.

Our team can help prepare data and questions ahead of working with data scientists to ensure you get the most value from the process.


Your Impact

Reporting your impact in a clear and transparent way has never been more important. Trust Impact can help produce or review your impact report/ annual report.

We can also help create impact dashboards using data visualisation tools for internal or external use.



Building Trust

We can help you use you data and visualisation to build trust with internal and external stakeholders. 

We can help you not over-claim your impact and advise on building trust through impact led strategy.

Ongoing Support

In addition to our project work we are happy to provide ongoing advice and support to you and your team as you implement new impact measurement and reporting systems internally. 

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